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About Eco Sisters

Eco Sisters is an online Australian based company lovingly created by two Aussie sisters. Eco Sisters offers a unique range of Eco Friendly gifts that are fun, safe and different. Aimed at the environmentally conscious and for those wanting to know exactly what you are putting on your bodies.

We believe there are too many unnecessary chemicals and additives in our personal care these days. We don’t need to be using products laden with hidden, damaging, harsh ingredients when we can just look into mother nature’s pantry and pull out some of the best natural goodies that help to nourish our skin and bodies.

With this in mind, we created a DIY range of packs that hold raw, pure ingredients to suit most wants and needs. The online Eco Beauty Buffet is where you can help yourself to a smorgasbord of beauty gifts, products and accessories. Our fun concept can guide you to create your very own facial or bath gift pack.

Eco Sisters releases DIY packs on a regular basis and provide you with all natural, safe ingredients for you to nourish your body. We will keep you up to date with all the latest tips and tricks to live an Eco lifestyle and make the most of all the natural wonderful gifts that surround us.